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Unfortunately, most DIY electronics kits have two barriers: one for those just getting started, and one for those who want to take their ideas to the next level. Products like Raspberry Pi and Arduino are tough going for those just starting out.

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Tough Going.

Learning to code is an integral part of both platforms, which means beginners end up spending more time coding than building fun stuff. Those just dabbling with an electronics starter kit or trying to advance from the world of Lego and Minecraft often find this discouraging. After all, a DIY electronics project should be about making something, not worrying if your code is written correctly.

Breaking Barriers.

Instead of needing code, with Quantum’s IoT Platform and state-of-the-art user interface, users simply drag and drop (code) objects onto a “canvas” with easy-to-understand configuration to create their projects. This allows beginners to start building faster while still learning the necessary problem-solving skills needed to complete projects, without getting bogged down in lines of code.

Not a walk in the park.

Likewise, for those who have knuckled down and learned to code to get their initial projects off the ground, taking things to the next level requires another leap of knowledge. While incredibly difficult, programming simple robots and games can be a walk in the park compared to getting most DIY electronic kits to work over Bluetooth or integrate with other platforms. The amount of research and level of knowledge needed to make higher-level projects work can stymie even advanced electronics hobbyists who just want to keep building upon their incredible ideas.

All in one solution.

For advanced users, the more difficult the project, the more Quantum’s no-code solution, built-in Bluetooth and third-party platform integration helps. With the simple drag-and-drop interface, projects can be completed in hours, not days. And because the code is baked-in, finding and fixing errors becomes the work of minutes, not hours. As projects grow in scale, so does their complexity, and only Quantum makes it easier to build bigger.

Quantum provides four DIY Kits that range from beginner to advanced skill level. Everything is included, meaning users don’t have to worry about tracking down every last resistor themselves and can instead get to work. This is the Quantum advantage!

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Power Supply DIT Kit.

Takes advantage of Quantum’s built-in Bluetooth to wirelessly power a multitude of projects.

Simon Says Game DIY Kit.

An intermediate project in relation to hardware, but advanced in terms of using the Quantum IoT platform and drag-and-drop interface to build complex game logic.

Joystick DIY Kit.

Allows users to control numerous projects like a remote-controlled car, or a robotic arm.

Four Motor DIY Kit.

Enables users to build a printed circuit board that can be used to create a mecanum car (which of course, can be controlled wirelessly with the joystick).

For those looking to build bigger, with Quantum, the sky's the limit.

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See the bigger picture.

Quantum integrates with Twilio, which means users can set up text message alerts originating from their projects. Whether that means sending updates from a homemade weather station, sending alerts when plants need watering, or anything else they need to be aware of, Quantum has them covered.
Phillips Hue Quantum Integration showcase

Intelligent integration.

In addition, Quantum already integrates with Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, IKEA TRÅDFRI, and Twilio SMS, and will continue expanding with other third-party platforms. With these integrations and the simple drag-and-drop interface, it’s possible for users to set up a security system, control lights, open doors, and more, with no coding required. If you can think it, Quantum can do it. Try automating an entire house on any other platform.

Electronics without barriers.

By eliminating barriers that stop beginners from getting into the world of DIY electronics and prevent experts from realizing their biggest ambitions, the Quantum IoT platform provides what other products lack. Grow your skills from beginner to expert, and find fun and challenging projects all along the way.
For those who are looking for a better DIY electronics platform, Quantum Integration provides the power of making!

A complete wireless system right out of the box!