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A Infographic explaining how the Quantum Platform works.

The Quantum wireless electronics platform.

Quantum Integration delivers an IoT platform that empowers electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists, from novices and experts alike, to create anything from a simple button to home automation and robots! With the combination of Q-Client Builder Bases, Q-Servers and a straight-forward developer environment, you can write apps and create custom firmware without coding. That is the power of making!

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Quantum Dashboard running on an iPhone and controlling a phillips hue light

Dynamically generated dashboard interface.

A versatile, easy-to-configure dashboard that dynamically creates a user interface for any project. Use unique, pre-written and tested components to provide a useful interface for your ideas no matter which device you are using.
A laptop showing the app builder drag and drop functionality.

Drag-and-drop app builder.

Drag-and-drop app builder. Easily make, automate and integrate anything from robots to home automation with the drag-and-drop App Builder. Includes a large library consisting of hardware, code, control and service objects that provides super powers to your fingertips without any coding skills needed.
“In literally five minutes, I was able to create a hardware system that wirelessly interacted between sensors and actuators located anywhere within my house. In less time than that, I created a cloud-based interface that turned a relay off and on.”
- Eric Bogatin, Nuts and Volts contributing author.
Drag and Drop Runtime Image

Powerful runtime engine.

Where all the magic happens. The Runtime Engine takes care of executing your multi-location apps over a sophisticated network of IoT devices in parallel, while offering secure access to third party integrations even without an internet connection.
Data Type Conversion Info Graphic

Intelligent data types conversion.

When a lot of messages are flying around within a platform, it can be difficult to realise your possibilities and bring your ideas to life. Our Data Conversion does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on making, instead of worrying about data compatibilities and device communication.
Quantum 3rd party integration possibilities

Flexible application mapping.

New hardware is released on a daily basis, but that doesn’t necessarily that the way we interact with it changes as well. Our Application Mapping offers you a powerful abstraction to let you focus on writing apps without worrying which hardware will be used in the end.
Various Breadboard Projects

Growing library of hardware and drivers.

Professional and sophisticated electronic hardware projects needn’t be complicated, expensive and time consuming. Use an extensive and growing library of drivers in combination with low cost hardware and create products like a pro without hassle.

What you can make:

Weather Station

What you can make:

Smart Outlet

What you can make:

Security Keypad

What you can make:

Pushup Counter

What you can make:

Pi Car

What you can make:


What you can make:

Simon Game

Q-Server Central Core

Q-Server Central Core.

Builder Bases communicate with a central server called the Q-Server. For example, when a button on a Builder Base is pressed, a message is sent to the Q-Server. It will then pass the message along to the application that communicates to that hardware.
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Q-Client Builder Base.

Bluetooth ready devices with I/O connections to easily let you add any combination of servos, motors, sensors, buttons, LCD displays or almost any other hardware.
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Q-Client Builder Base

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