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The Quantum Platform is a combination of specifically engineered hardware and software designed to allow electronic enthusiasts to easily build a fully functional network. Unlike other standalone products that require a lot of engineering knowledge and time to build anything of consequence, the Quantum platform allows wireless devices to talk to each other in minutes instead of days.

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FREE Shipping on orders over $99 USD!
Get free worldwide shipping on orders over $99 USD!
Q-Client with maker in the background
Q-Client Builder Base.
Q-Client Builder Base. Bluetooth ready devices with I/O connections to easily let you add any combination of servos, motors, sensors, buttons, LCD displays or almost any other hardware.
Q-Server with maker in the background
Q-Server Central Core.
Q-Server Central Core. Builder Bases communicate with a central server called the Q-Server. For example, when a button on a Builder Base is pressed, a message is sent to the Q-Server. It will then pass the message along to the application that communicates to that hardware.
Q-Server Communicating with Q-Client

Boundless connectivity.

An application can use this message to decide to send a message to another Builder Base such as a light or do some sort of manipulation in the program. Any combination is possible including communication with other platforms like Samsung SmartThings or Philips Hue using the Gateway feature.
Apps Infographic

Automation empowered.

Data may also be sent to the application like an IR code to turn on a TV using the Service feature. Multiple applications may run on the server at the same time making it possible to automate an entire home if so desired.
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Starter Bundle What is inside

A complete wireless system out of the box.

The Quantum Starter Bundle gives you all the hardware and software you need to build multiple wireless devices that can communicate with each other with simple configuration. Searching for, downloading and debugging shareware libraries is no longer needed. You are accessing all of the Platform’s features through an operating system independent web interface that runs locally on the Q-Server. No software download needed.

Smart software.

Whether you are building a wireless device like a joystick or a multi featured control panel, simply tell the Firmware Generator what you have connected to the Builder Bases and the firmware is generated for you and automatically downloaded to the device. Modifying the hardware connected to the Builder Base is as simple as connecting the hardware to the IO pins, changing the firmware definition and download again.
Firmware Builder Screen with Q-Client
App Builder Close Up Shot

The power of drag and drop.

Applications are built without programming simply by dragging objects on the screen and connecting them together. Each link between the objects represents the path a message takes through your application. Objects can be a device like a button on a Builder Base, a code object such as a timer or formula, or even a user interface graphic that appears on your mobile phone or computer.

Find out how the Quantum Platform differs from Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Samsung SmartThings.

Email Support on Laptop

Support at your fingertips.

All firmware drivers and application development tools are completely tested, supported and regularly expanded by our experienced engineering team.
Mobile Phone usage with the Quantum System

Built-in mobile device support.

By using UI objects, your application may be controlled directly from a smart phone or computer. Again, no programming is necessary to add a mobile (wireless) device to the platform.
Various electronics projects build with Quantum

Build projects quickly.

By using the Quantum platform, building a number of wireless devices and having them talk to each other takes a matter of minutes instead of days. All the hard work of communication over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and transferring data is already built in.
Component to Project Transformation

Great for beginners.

The Quantum platform lets you focus on the project instead of the arcane details of the Bluetooth protocol. Developing Bluetooth wireless devices with Arduino or Raspberry Pi requires a lot of knowledge and substantial coding. If you’re not an experienced Bluetooth engineer, this can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

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Various Screens showing the learning and app creation process with Quantum.

Working examples that can be expanded on.

Quantum Integration has created a large collection of tutorials and sample projects to get you started. It is easy to build one of our sample projects and add your own custom features in minutes.
Samsung Smartthings Integration

Control Samsung SmartThings devices.

Do you want to add more functionality to your SmartThings network? Any SmartThings device is available to the Quantum platform. Our Gateway discovers any SmartThings device on your network and makes it available in the platform just like any device you create with a Builder Base. Now you can add more control and even add custom devices to the SmartThings network.
Quantum Gateway Overview

Control Philips Hue devices.

Just like the SmartThings gateway, the Quantum platform can communicate with any Hue device.
Twilio SMS Gateway Showcase

Remote information services.

Remote information services. Any application in our system has access to a number of data services such as Twilio for sending text message to your phone or getting IR remote codes from IRDB. More services are on the way.
Quantum Infographic Versatility

The ultimate IoT sandbox.

Put your efforts in the project, instead of getting shareware libraries to compile and run. The Quantum platform is a complete Bluetooth network right out of the box. Automate any home or remotely control robotic projects without worrying about low-level engineering.

What you can make:

Weather Station

What you can make:

Smart Outlet

What you can make:

Security Keypad

What you can make:

Pushup Counter

What you can make:

Pi Car

What you can make:


What you can make:

Simon Game

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