What is Quantum Integration?

Quantum Integration provides carefully curated products for electronic hobbyists and enthusiasts of all skill levels to expand their making capabilities.

Who is Quantum Integration?

We’re a diverse collective of hard-working, highly experienced, passionate technology enthusiasts, motivated to empower makers of all skill levels to have the freedom to create amazing electronics devices of their own, easily and affordably.

Michael Barnick

Founder and CEO

Michael started as a ground-breaking engineer at Apple Computers, leading UX and Encryption projects for Steve Jobs. He left Apple to become a visionary founder at SonicWall which was acquired by Dell in 2012. Over the next two decades Mike worked on various home automation projects, including the ground-up development and design of his own breathtaking showcase home in Santa Barbara. Many years and start-ups later he founded Quantum Integration, bringing DIY electronics to a broader market.

What are our origins?

In 2008 Michael Barnick started Quantum Integration as a high-end home automation company while following his dream of building his own smart home. Even with an engineering background and years of coding and programming experience, he struggled throughout the project to incorporate IoT into the home. Two years later, around the time his smart home project was drawing to completion, Michael became convinced that there had to be a simpler way to do things. He knew that the market needed a simple and cost-effective integration solution that did not require programming or expensive proprietary equipment.

To bridge this abyss in the market, in 2018 he set about creating and re-inventing Quantum Integration with a new mission.

“The system is both powerful and versatile, giving just about every user — whether they have any coding knowledge or not — the ability to create and design their own apps from scratch for just about any smart home project. The only limit is the creator’s imagination!”

- Michael Barnick, Founder and CEO