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DIYODE Review 2022
A comprehensive Internet of Things kit for beginners - but for real beginners?
Top IoT startups 2021
We made the list of some of the top IoT startups to watch in 2021 and beyond...
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Our CEO and Founder speaks about the future of home technology automation in this tv interview from WMBC-TV.

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The Quantum Media Kit


“Congrats on a well-executed campaign! Received mine yesterday. Haven't had a ton of time to play with it yet, but initial impressions of the web interface was that's it's well-polished system that looks pretty powerful yet easy to use.”
- John A. / Kickstarter Backer
“My reward just arrived. Nice packaging. Professional / commercial build quality. Included instructions look easy to follow... I'm impressed with the quality, and the professionalism of Quantum Integration team.”
- Paul C. / Kickstarter Backer
“I received my pledge in Texas today. Thank you for a super campaign and great product.”
- Aaron A. / Kickstarter Backer

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