Ready to ship. Order online today!

Ready to ship. Order online today!

A big thank you to our Kickstarter backers and all the people that pre-ordered our products. You will be the first to receive your Quantum Q-Servers and Q-Client Builder Bases, so keep checking your mailboxes.

For those who haven't ordered your own Quantum Starter Bundle, it's not too late! 

You might be thinking, "What is this Quantum thing?" Well, it is a state-of-the-art IoT hardware and software platform with a plethora of advantages compared to Arduino or Raspberry, making it the ultimate electronics hobbyist's playground!

With the Quantum platform you can build anything that comes to mind; whether it's electronic gadgets, robotics, home automation, security, or just something cool you wanted to build. We have even build a semi-automatic air cannon and an automated bartender that serves you the perfect drink with just a push of the button!

We offer drag-and-drop code

One of the biggest hurdles for electronic hobbyists is to learn how to code. For those that aren't experienced coders but have a great electronic project idea, it can be pretty daunting. We took a simpler approach and turned all that complicated code and bunched them into drag-and-drop blocks that you can connect together using the App Builder that comes with the Q-Server. Think of it as building Lego's or connecting the dots. You put the blocks together in the right order and you have a working project! You never have to waste hours finding that one broken piece of code again.

Just look at how simple this looks. This application turns on an LED from a physical button and a button on our custom dashboard.

This app turns on an LED from a physical button and a button on our interface. Or you can get even more complex...


This app is used for a security system that requires a pin code to disarm otherwise it will set off the alarm once it’s triggered. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a lot easier coding. 

We offer wireless control

Our platform is wirelessly controlled over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It acts like a spider web network where you can control everything from one single location. Just like this:

Quantum Platform Infographic


So how does this network work? You connect to the Q-Server by typing in the IP address of the Q-Server in a web browser while on the same Wi-Fi network. From there you have full access to Client management, Firmware builder, App builder, Gateway, and Service connection, and community Library features. What you do with these features on the Q-Server can then be uploaded to a number of Q-Client Builder Bases over Bluetooth. These Builder Bases are then connected to electronic pieces of hardware of your choosing which will tell that hardware to perform a certain action.

This wireless capability makes building a project much simpler and saves you the hassle of having wires all over the place. Other products technically do have the capability to have Bluetooth and WiFi connection; but they are typically separate modules that you would need to attach to a microcontroller and comes with their own set of complicated problems. Our platform is designed from the ground up to be wireless and make YOUR life easier.

Going wireless is also a huge benefit for home automation as you can have Builder Bases spread throughout the house to perform different actions without having to pull wire everywhere. 

Order your Starter Bundle today!

This platform is made for both experts and novices alike. If you are interested in building electronic projects of any kind, but want a simple and highly customizable way to do so (did we mention it’s wireless?), this is the product for you. Check out our website to purchase your own Starter Bundle today!

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