What is Quantum Integration?

Quantum Integration is no by means just a great plug-and-play solution with the ability to add customized circuits and network a sophisticated number of IoT devices without any need for programming.

We’re a company that strives to break down barriers to help electronics hobbyists and enthusiasts be part of an environment of unlimited creativity and growth.

Who is Quantum Integration?

We’re a diverse collective of hard-working, highly experienced, passionate technology enthusiasts, motivated to empower makers of all skill levels to have the freedom to create amazing wireless electronics devices of their own, easily and affordably.

Michael Barnick

Founder and CEO

Michael started as a ground-breaking engineer at Apple Computers, leading UX and Encryption projects for Steve Jobs. He left Apple to become a visionary founder at SonicWall which was acquired by Dell in 2012. Over the next two decades Mike worked on various home automation projects, including the ground-up development and design of his own breathtaking showcase home in Santa Barbara. Many years and start-ups later he founded Quantum Integration, bringing easy IoT and DIY automation to a broader market.

Tim Lubes

Co-Founder and Developer

Tim relocated to the USA from Germany to build a career in the growing home automation industry. As an accomplished engineer working on high-end projects throughout California, he grew a passion for hardware and embedded software. As Co-founder of Quantum Integration, Tim strives to develop quality products that deliver a user-friendly experience for all electronics enthusiasts.

Joeran Kinzel

Co-Founder and Developer

After completing a scholarship-backed Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Business Management, Joeran joined the largest private rail wagon hire company in Europe as an engineer. He has excelled in all his endeavors and has extensive experience in IoT, blockchain and business management. Joeran co-founded Quantum Integration to pursue his passion for smart homes and IoT.

What are our origins?

In 2008 Michael Barnick started Quantum Integration as a high-end home automation company while following his dream of building his own smart home. Even with an engineering background and years of coding and programming experience, he struggled throughout the project to incorporate IoT into the home. Two years later, around the time his smart home project was drawing to completion, Michael became convinced that there had to be a simpler way to do things. He knew that the market needed a simple and cost-effective integration solution that did not require programming or expensive proprietary equipment.

To bridge this abyss in the market, in 2018 he set about creating and re-inventing Quantum Integration with a new mission. Our mission is: To offer electronics enthusiasts a platform that easily connects a device to anything electronic which will make it “Smart,” without requiring a lot of engineering knowledge, and with the added power of IoT automation and Smart Home technology - all at an affordable price.

Where are we now?

Getting where we are today has had many challenges. Product design and testing, mass production, certification and software issues are all part of the process and we take every precaution to prepare for eventualities. Right from the very start, we worked with industry leading technologies, standards, as well as experienced consulting engineers and suppliers to ensure we produce products with unmatched quality we can be proud of.

The Quantum platform uses IoT technology that allow devices to communicate in a large system from the ground up. Instead of relying on buggy open-source libraries we used our years of programming experience to create a drag-and-drop interface to easily automate and connect devices.

Quantum Integration has created a truly powerful platform and wireless automation product for today’s maker, with a focus on adopters of technology and electronics hobbyists.

The simple drag-and-drop app creation process allows you to control your device from a central location, on anything you own that can run an app or a webpage. Also, our integration platform allows the simple creation of custom IoT devices, using add-on circuits and a central application Q-Server which allows simple programming of tasks to be performed using multiple networked devices.

What does the future bring?

Some people may be wondering if we are going to compete with Arduino. As avid Arduino and Raspberry users ourselves, we found many challenges in developing even the simplest project in the past. Existing open-source libraries are notoriously buggy and lacking documentation!

The Quantum platform is designed for the future and is unique in its simplicity of creating and networking IoT devices and electronics. Our flexible user interface is more powerful than anything currently on the market and requires no programming, while still being able to support and integrate many third-party products, services and platforms.

We head into the future remaining passionate about IoT technology and strive to provide the best products to empower makers of all skill levels to create their own amazing wireless electronics devices.

Quantum is also a very powerful learning tool, and its educational potential is unlimited. Users of the platform have automatic access to detailed documentation and an ever growing library of carefully crafted tutorials, example projects and videos to inspire and help grow their skills while having fun. Real results, real quick.

“The system is both powerful and versatile, giving just about every user — whether they have any coding knowledge or not — the ability to create and design their own apps from scratch for just about any smart home project. The only limit is the creator’s imagination!”

- Michael Barnick, Founder and CEO