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Q-Server Central Core

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One network to rule them all!

The one and only server you will ever need for your DIY electronics projects. True wireless integration and automation capabilities combined with a self discovering network enable you to make your ideas a reality in minutes, no matter where.

Range Extension coming Spring 2022.

App Builder and Dashboard on various screens

Hello Compatibility.

Leverage next-gen cloud firmware generation for all of your projects or access pre-made apps, firmware and project files from the Library. No matter which device you own, the Q-Server creates a local website on your network that you can easily access through various browsers and operating systems. Now that is real compatibility.
Q-Server Versatility

A multitasking hero.

Create an app on your laptop, use it on your tablet, upload firmware to a Q-Client Builder Base and receive information from a third party device - all at the same time. The Q-Server architecture enables true multitasking and networking for all of your projects without hassle.

Local. Secure. Private.

Have you ever experienced unresponsive lights or smart devices during an internet outage? The Quantum platform never leaves you in the dark, instead, it works locally through industry leading encryption. Whatever you decide to create on your Q-Server stays there, keeping your project data safe at all times.
An internet connection is only required for certain third party services, updates and firmware generation.
Q-Server Security
Quantum Dashboard on various device screens

Control it all. From any screen.

Quantum enables you to control all of your projects right from your favorite browser enabled device. The dynamic and responsive Dashboard works great on different screen sizes, while still offering great customizability.
Q-Server Integration Capabilities

Goodbye ‘works with’. Hello Integrate.

Stop looking for stickers on packages and truly start to integrate your ideas with platforms already on the market. With the Quantum platform you can experience true freedom of hardware and software, enabling you to create whatever is useful to you and suits your needs.
Quantum integrates with a limited, but growing number of third party platforms and services.
Drag and Drop App Builder on Quantum Frontend

From beginner to expert.

Quantum’s easy setup and low barrier to entry enables you to progress from ‘Hello World’ to more complex projects in no time. Unlike other platforms you don’t need to code, but instead use drag-and-drop (code) Objects as well as easy to understand configuration screens to create your projects, making you an electronics expert in a no time!
Quantum Sub Reddit Page

Export. Import. Wow.

Build once and use on any other Q-Server. The Quantum platform enables you to easily share your apps and firmware with the maker community and your friends. Saving you time and making projects together more enjoyable than ever before.

Rule them all. The Q-Server Central Core