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Making made simple. Carefully curated products to take your making skills to the next level


Welcome to the New World of Making!

Quantum Integration is a collection of specifically engineered hardware designed to allow you to take your making skills and electronics projects to the next level.

With very little engineering knowledge you can make anything you can dream of. Explore our carefully curated Component Kit and DIY Kits to expand your software and hardware capabilities

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The Next Generation of Electronics Makers.

Take the next step to electronics making no matter what your skill level. Our products are unique because they are specifically engineered to be used in a variety of ways to further expand your software and hardware skills.

Gadget Guru

So you love having the newest gadgets. Use our versatile DIY Kits to build useful, or not so useful, gadgets.

Electronics Hobbyist

You’re a maker passionate about creating new things but don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of messy breadboards and jumper wires. Our products take the headaches out of getting your project up and running perfectly!

Smart Home Tinkerer

You’re a visionary and want tomorrow’s home today! Our products give you durable circuits for your newest smart home addition.

Bright Spark

You’re experienced and passionate about electronics. Even with good coding knowledge you know the possible pitfalls of a project. With our versatile products you can expand your horizons and use them in a wide variety of projects.

“Professional and commercial build quality. Included instructions are easy to follow... I'm impressed with the quality, and the professionalism of Quantum Integration team.”

Paul C.

“New to building apps with hardware capabilities, I found Quantum to be the perfect solution with impressive results. Customer service is excellent!”


“From presentation to execution, the quality of the product is undeniable. I am totally satisfied with all I purchased and you should expect more orders from me!”

Alain B.

Enough scrolling. Time to start making!

Whatever you can dream, you can make. Purchase our products and start building in as little as 10 minutes. One kit. Endless possibilities.