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Q-Client Builder Base

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Not a Pandora's box!

Supported and tested libraries eliminate the painful tasks of DIY electronics projects. Focus on your project instead of fixing tedious and nerve-racking issues. The best part is you don’t have to write a single line of code.

Firmware Upload Functionality on Quantum Frontend

Be the one-click-engineer.

Ever wanted to click one magical button and see everything you imagined happen in front of your eyes? The Quantum platform does exactly that. Define what kind of hardware you are connecting to your Q-Client Builder Base and click “Upload”. That’s it!
Coin Cell next to a Q-Client

True wireless. Even on battery.

Wireless applications can only be improved by making sure they can run from a battery. The Q-Client Builder Base does exactly that. A specific ultra low energy mode enables your Builder Base to last from weeks to months on a single charge. The Firmware Generator supports you along the way to understand what energy modes are available for which connected hardware. Easy peasy.
Various electronics components

Connected to be meaningful.

Tiny, inexpensive off the shelf sensors or actuators don’t need to be stupid and limited if you talk to them correctly. The Q-Client Builder Base connects them to a meaningful project, a third party, or even the internet. Creating meaningful purpose around a collection of sensors and actuators is the power of the Quantum platform.
Q-Client and Robot

The C3PO of electronics.

Each Q-Client Builder Base comes with a versatile set of I/O pins that let you connect various sensors and actuators. Considering the amount of supported drivers and protocols available, the Builder Base is undoubtedly the C3PO of electronics.

Built to be part of an army.

Each Q-Client Builder Base can already do so many things on it’s own. Just imagine if you have an army of Builder Bases working for you and connecting all of your electronics projects. This is exactly what Builder Bases are made for. Use them right next to each other or far apart. No matter what you come up with, you can scale the number of Builder Bases dynamically to your project needs to always make your ideas a reality.
Quantum currently allows 5 concurrent builder base connections. Extension will be available Summer 2021.
Multiple Q-Client Builder Bases

Connect. Screw. Upload.

Ever got frustrated with flakey connections and moving PCB’s on your desk? Rubber feet, a colorful clear case and dependable screw terminals make sure everything stays were it belongs, letting you focus on what you want to make. And did we mention that you only have to click the “Upload” button to make the software work? It’s that easy.
Device Overview Screen from Quantum Frontend

Your project. Your choice.

As maker’s ourselves we know that the time from idea to implementation is critical. This is why we made sure that our Q-Client Builder Bases can adjust their functionality in minutes and are ready to serve you as quickly and dependably as possible in your next project.

The Q-Client Builder Base. Small and powerful.