We used Quantum's Twilio SMS Service to create a custom notification system

We used Quantum's Twilio SMS Service to create a custom notification system

So here at Quantum we've been having this issue. We are constantly printing things out with our 3D printer, but the problem is that these prints can take hours or even days to finish. The printer does tell us how long the print will take but we always forget to keep track of the time. Next thing you know the print was completed hours ago and we wasted half a day before we can get the next print started. As a result, we came up with the idea to create our own notification system using Quantum to notify us when the print is done. 

At first, we decided to use a limit switch that is connected to one Builder Base that will be pressed when the build plate returns to its resting position and then sends a signal to a buzzer attached to a Builder Base next to our desks. We quickly found out that the notification system was effective. Maybe too effective... We couldn't get the dang thing to stop buzzing in our ears.

After playing around with it for a little while longer, we decided that the buzzer was a terrible idea. We eventually decided to use the Twilio SMS service that will be triggered by the limit switch and send us a custom text message when the 3D printer is done. It's a pretty simple project to build and the applications are endless what you can do with it. By using the Twilio SMS service and changing out the different triggers we've already used it to create a security system to text you when a door is opened, to text you when the moisture sensor detects that your plants need watering, to text you when a water leak is detected, and now this. The possibilities are truly endless.

Check out our video to see how we built this project and let us know what you end up building! 

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