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Starter Bundle

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One bundle. Endless possibilities.

It’s here. The first complete smart electronics platform. The Quantum Starter Bundle enables you to build and make: a weather-station, tv IR remote, lighting control, smart outlets, robotics, games, remote controlled cars and so much more. Get started in as little as 10 minutes or build huge projects easily with a little more time. Our team of makers just scratched the surface with these existing projects. The questions now is: what will you make?

Joystick and Mecanum Car Project

The power of wireless in your hands.

Wireless connectivity now comes standard for all your electronics projects. Need another piece of hardware at a different location? Just add another Q-Client Builder Base to your network. Supporting ranges of 30 feet and up to 5 connected Builder Bases. Range extension coming in summer 2021.
Firmware Creation on Quantum Frontend

Next-gen firmware generation at your fingertips.

Each Q-Client Builder Base is packed with the capability to be more than 100 different things. It’s chameleon-like abilities allow it to become anything from a motion sensor, IMU, button, temperature sensor, motors, servos to LED’s and so much more.
Firmware Upload on Quantum Frontend

From A to Z in a snap.

The flexible Builder Bases can change its capabilities in a matter of minutes. Just define the new hardware you would like to use and click upload. Its as easy as that!
Drag and Drop Graphic

Drag and drop. Not write, compile, retry.

An extensive and growing library of ready-to-use (code) Objects that will give you the ninja skillset of a senior engineer comes built-in with the Quantum platform. We replaced traditional coding with the power of drag-and-drop Objects, creating custom apps becomes so easy even your grandma could do it!

Touch. Click. Switch.

You decide how your projects are controlled and communicate. Need a joystick? Build one and connect it. Need control from you smartphone tablet or laptop? No problem. Freedom of control, switching or adding more control devices, ensures you are never limited to how you interact with your electronics projects.
Hands holding an ipad which runs the Quantum Dashboard
A maker starting and finishing a electronics project with a robot hand.

From novice to expert.

Wether you are an electronics novice or expert the Quantum Starter Bundle is your ticket into a world of endless possibilities for creative DIY electronics. Get back to enjoying the process of making with the freedom the Quantum platform provides.
Quantum Sub Reddit Page

Make. Share. Wow.

Incredibly easy ways to share what you’ve made with the online Quantum community. From fun and crazy to awesome and purposeful, share your creativity on our Reddit channel. Who knows, you might even get featured on our website.

The Quantum Starter Bundle gets you going. Fast!

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