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DIY Kits

Jumpstart your maker journey.

Quantum DIY Kits are the quickest and easiest way to get started with a sophisticated electronics project, providing a unique experience that balances the making process whilst saving you time. Start by placing the included components, solder everything together and see your project come to life.

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1x Power Supply, 1x Simon Game, 1x Four Motor,
1x Joystick

Unpack. Solder. Go!

Skip the hard tasks and continue with the fun part of assembling the bits & pieces of a PCB. Start by selecting the included components, then solder it together and see your project come to life.
Never miss a part

Never miss a part.

Ever tried assembling a PCB from the BOM (Bill of Materials) itself? We did, and we know how hard it is to collect all the needed parts and components. We already did all the hard work for you by sourcing all the parts and components needed so you can get straight into creating a finished, working PCB.

Built by makers, for makers.

The Quantum team is comprised of curious makers and tinkerers and this DNA can be found within each of our hardware and software products. Our DIY Kits are no exception. We designed our Kits to work well past their first impression, meaning you will have access to high quality open-source 3D Files, Apps, Firmware, and so much more. Using your DIY KIT unleashes the true power of the Quantum platform and introduces each of your individual projects to a multitude of integration possibilities.
Joystick Project Diversity

Compatible with Arduino.

We made our new DIY Kits compatible with Arduino to make sure more people have access to these awesome boards. The Arduino files can be found in our GitHub repository and also linked down below. While the Arduino based Four Motor and Joystick DIY Kits are wired and would require some additional work from the community to be supported wirelessly, this is already built into the Quantum IoT Platform. All of your projects, not only these two boards, can massively benefit from having access to wireless functionality right of the box.

Choose your Quantum DIY Kit.

DIY Kit - Power Supply

To be used in conjunction with the Quantum Builder Base to make your project more portable. This DIY kit provides all the components required to create a power supply that accepts 7-12V and converts the voltage down to 5V to power your Builder Base and connected components without being tethered to a wall outlet.

DIY Kit - Simon Says

Introducing a classic game to the modern era, a revision of the classic Simon Says game created to utilize the MCP23017 port expander in conjunction with complex game logic on the Quantum Platform to provide a fun and advanced project, in terms of application building.

DIY Kit - Joystick

This is a build once, use forever product that provides versatility and permanence as you build your arsenal of Quantum projects. Forget about having to remake joystick controllers on a breadboard every time you need one for a project, or building a controller for each project. Instead, create the wiring and firmware once, and then have a ready-to-go joystick controller to switch between projects when you need it.

DIY Kit - Four Motor

Designed to be a compact motor driver board to control up to four motors by utilizing a TLC5940 chip and two L293D H-Bridges attached to the Quantum system. This compact PCB kit can be easily attached to control up to 4 motors, as demonstrated through our Mecanum Car project.

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