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A complete wireless system right out of the box. The Quantum Starter Bundle gives you all the hardware and software needed for building a network of multiple smart wireless devices through simple configuration, which now takes a matter of minutes instead of days.

Starter Bundle

Unlike Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

It is simple to use and fully documented. Its built-in wireless capabilities makes it extremely versatile and capable, providing you with the full power of wireless technology integration.
Hand plugging in cable on a breadboard electronics project

Select and Connect.

Our workflow will already be familiar, but is now even simpler and easier. Start by selecting from countless generic electronic components or use the hardware from our Starter Kit, then connect it to the Q-Client Builder Base and build your circuit.
Maker using the App Builder

Drag-&-Drop App Builder.

Save time and make smarter. Built from the ground up to save you money, time and effort. No need for programming or copying code you don’t understand. Just add drag-and-drop objects and make smarter with Quantum!
Phillips Hue Quantum Integration showcase

Freedom of Control.

Unlike other platforms, Quantum offers wireless control of an application on any device through a clean dashboard interface. Build once and control from your device of choice, whether it’s a remote temperature sensor, an automated home or even robots.

3rd Party Integration.

Quantum’s quick and easy process to connect and control electronic hardware has the capability of bringing your ideas to life with other 3rd party integrations with more to come in the future. We support Phillips Hue (lighting), Samsung SmartThings (IoT platform), IKEA Tradfri (lighting), Infrared (IR DB), and Twilio (SMS service).
Q-Server 3rd party integrations

The Quantum Starter Bundle enables you to build and make: a weather-station, tv IR remote, lighting control, smart outlets, robotics, games, remote controlled cars and so much more. Get started in as little as 10 minutes or build huge projects easily with a little more time. What will you make?

A complete wirless system right out of the box!