Our Story

From breadboard to real world

Greetings from the Founder

Michael Barnick

These cumulative experiences resulted in the creation of Quantum Integration in 2017, with the vision of easily connecting a device to anything electronic and make it "Smart," without requiring a lot of engineering knowledge, and with the added power of IoT automation and Smart Home technology at an affordable price!

This vision has finally been realised! Quantum devices are so simple to install and use with an incredibly low entry barrier. With very little development time required, all you do is identify the device you’re connecting, follow the development wizard to create the firmware - then upload it to your Q-Client.

Our simple drag-and-drop app creation process allows you to control your device from a central location, on anything you own that can run an app or a webpage.

Also, our integration platform allows the simple creation of custom IoT devices, using add-on circuits and a central application server which allows simple programming of tasks to be performed using multiple networked devices.

As an avid Arduino and Raspberry user, Michael found many challenges in developing even the simplest project. Existing open source libraries are notoriously buggy! Creating a project with devices and easily let them communicate with each other is almost impossible or very time consuming.

Our Quantum IoT platform addresses this by using IoT technology to allow devices to communicate in a large system from the ground up. Instead of relying on buggy open source libraries and years of programming experience, we created a drag-and-drop interface to easily automate and connect devices. Thus we created a platform that is the most powerful wireless automation product available today, immediately aimed at early adopters of technology and electronics hobbyists.

Quantum is also a very powerful learning tool and its educational potential is unlimited. It's a plug-and-play solution with the ability to add customised circuits and network a sophisticated number of IoT devices without any need for programming.

Some people may be wondering if we are going to compete with Arduino. Unlike Arduino and other competitors, Quantum is unique in its simplicity of creating and networking IoT devices and electronics.

Our flexible user interface is more powerful than anything currently on the market  and requires no programming, while still being able to support and integrate many third party products, services and platforms.


That is our motto! We want to empower makers of all skill levels to have the freedom to create amazing wireless electronics devices of their own, easily and affordably. Just add your own imagination and have fun!