The Quantum IoT platform


Quantum Integration delivers an IoT platform that empowers electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists, from novices and experts alike, to create anything from a simple button to home automation and robots! With the combination of Q-Client Builder Bases, Q-Servers and a straight-forward developer environment, you can write apps and create custom firmware without coding. That is the power of making!

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Hardware & Drivers

Central Core


The Q-Server is the Central Core of the Quantum IoT platform and provides you with complete control over your entire IoT network.

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Q-Server Features

• It is a capable high-speed device that discovers Q-Clients automatically
• Runs locally, secure and privately
• Built-in support for dozens of components for your Q-Clients
• Connects Bluetooth and WiFi enabled devices through a self-discovery network
• Control your IoT projects from phones or tablets
• Share your custom applications, firmware and projects on the Quantum Marketplace

Builder Base


The Q-Client Builder Base is the easiest way for electronics enthusiasts to build custom IoT devices. Add virtually any sensor or device to the network.

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Q-Client Features

• The Q-Client enables you to to mix-and-match devices with many custom combinations.
• Integrate many wireless Builder Bases into sophisticated projects like whole home automation.
• Just build the circuit and connect it to any of the dependable 7 GPIO, I2C screw terminals.
• Learn basic electronics with easy to use software.
• Digital and analog input, digital and PWM output.
• Control servos, DC motors, stepper motors, LEDs, smart LEDs, LCD screens and more.
• Supports many advanced temperature sensors, I/O expanders and IMUs.
• 7 GPIO , I2C and serial interface.
• Plug-and-play ease of use.
• Powered by USB or battery.

Although most current products on the market are inexpensive, they have high barriers of entry requiring programming skills, limited networking capabilities and are often impractical for IoT.

Michael Barnick / Founder

Do more with Samsung SmartThings by importing devices to the Quantum IoT Platform.

Christian K. / Tester