The Quantum Advantage

How does the Quantum platform compare to Arduino?

Wireless is an Ad-On:
Arduino's are essentially a single board computer with a simple programming editor. Anything else is an add-on. There are a large number of Bluetooth shields that have their own issues and the libraries to drive them are shareware and unsupported. It’s one thing to buy a Bluetooth shield, and quite another to get it to work.

Unsupported Software:
The power and pain of Arduino is the large community support. There’s a reason the software is free, nobody maintains it or improves it. This is up to the community to do and there are no guarantees.

How does the Quantum platform compare to Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi’s use Unix:
To do anything useful in a Raspberry requires a lot of knowledge of Unix and the IO libraries. This can take months of diligent work (research) before even the simplest wireless projects can be created.

Accessing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is Difficult:
Working with Unix libraries to communicate over Bluetooth requires a lot of work. The libraries are very low level and not supported. When you encounter a bug and you’ll need to know how to modify the library to get it to work.

Bluetooth Is Complicated to Use:
Accessing Bluetooth in Unix is not straight forward. If you don’t understand pairing, services and device discovery, you have a long road ahead. All this is already built-in on the Quantum platform.

It Takes Time to Build a Project:
A lot of coding is required to even get the simplest network application program to work. Years of experience in C and Unix along with how Bluetooth works at a low level is required. This is a difficult task even for experienced programmers.

How Does the Quantum Platform Compare to Samsung SmartThings?

The Quantum platform has all the simplicity of the Samsung SmartThings platform without all the restrictions. If you like to play with SmartThings but want to add your own custom devices, the Quantum platform is for you.

Closed System:
Your SmartThings network only works with approved devices. These devices are usually simple one-off devices. Driving a bi-directional motor with speed control or sending text to an LCD screen is out of the scope for SmartThings.

The Quantum platform does cost more than a few Raspberry Pi’s or Arduino's.  However, we have added a lot more value! Here’s how;

Ready to Run:
With a completely built IoT operating system and ready to run Builder Bases, no networking knowledge or additional components are necessary.

Quality Hardware Components:
Builder Bases are custom devices designed by our engineers and built with the best components including cases, cables and screw terminals for secure connections, neatly packaged in a sturdy box. Our Q-Server is enclosed in a custom case, it includes a power supply in the box and works in any country.

FCC Approved:
Both the Q-Server and the Builder Base have been tested and approved to meet government radio emission requirements. Most hobby level devices do not offer this. We are also approved for Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The Builder Base is ready to communicate on your network. No configuration is required. It is much more than a piece of hardware.

Comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:
Our Builder Bases comes with Bluetooth circuitry on the board. Firmware is already installed and ready to go. Custom Builder Base firmware can be downloaded wirelessly without the need to connect it to a computer, ever!

Dedicated Engineering Team:
All our software including firmware, Q-Server OS and even tutorials are written and supported by our in-house engineering team. We are continuously updating the product with new features and fixes.