Quantum Platform LEarning

Learn how to use the Quantum IoT platform and progress your skills with detailed tutorial videos. Be sure to visit our YouTube channel, subscribe and enable notifications for content updates!

1.0 - Setting up your Q-Server

In this first instalment of our tutorial video series, Martin will guide you through the first-time server setup process of your Q-Server.

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1.1 - Hello World

In this second video, Martin shows you how to setup your first easy project called 'Hello World' using your Q-Server and Q-Client Builder Bases.

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1.2 - Exploring the Quantum Server UI

In this latest tutorial video, Martin shows you around the basics of the Q-Server UI. You will learn where to find everything, what it's for and how to use it.

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Received our units... Wow... what a great presentation, very professional.

My 10 year old son and me did the hello world project and it worked perfectly.

Joseph L. / Kickstarter Backer