In literally five minutes, I was able to create a hardware system that wirelessly interacted between sensors and actuators located anywhere within my house. In less time than that, I created a cloud-based interface that turned a relay off and on. Read more...

Eric Bogatin, Nuts and Volts contributing author





The electronics sandbox for hobbyists!

Designed from the ground up for novices and experts to make DIY electronics easy for anyone. Create your own IoT and wireless projects, simpler and quicker than ever before, without coding skills. 

Now you can easily build a powerful IoT network with the versatility of multi-location projects, controlling anything from a remote temperature sensor to an automated home and even robots. Check out our videos for project ideas and tutorials.

Starter Bundle

Quickly make your ideas a reality with this solid bundled product!

Includes one Q-Server Central Core and two Q-Client Builder Bases.

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From beginner to expert

Whether you are a seasoned electronics hobbyist or just starting out, the Quantum Starter Bundle is your ticket into a world of endless possibilities for creative DIY electronics. Get back to enjoying the process of making with the added power of effortless wireless connectivity.


Your electronics sandbox!

Select from a variety of hardware, connect to your Q-Client, build apps and firmware on the Q-Server software, then run your application and have fun playing!

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Our Products

Starter Bundle

Providing you the versatile power of multi-location projects to further enhance your skills, easily and affordably. Follow our video tutorials and leverage predefined apps and firmware to gain fast working knowledge of our projects.

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Q-Server | Central Core

Offers complete control over your entire IoT Platform. Designed for novices and experts alike, anyone can build a powerful IoT network controlling anything from home automation to robots.

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Q-Client | Builder Base

The easiest way to build custom IoT devices. As part of the Quantum IoT platform, electronics enthusiasts can add virtually any sensor or device to the network.

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Take your ideas from the breadboard to the real world!

Quantum Integration provides a complete IoT platform enabling you to build sophisticated and purposeful projects that will make you feel like a ninja! Through a self-discovering network, connecting and integrating dozens of devices and smart-things has never been easier! Develop your own custom automations, firmware and apps through our integrated development environment for the ultimate in control!

The power of wireless

Wireless connectivity for any of your electronics projects. Need another piece of hardware at a different location? Just add another Builder Base to your network. Supporting ranges of 30 feet and up to 5 connected Builder Bases. Range extension coming in Summer 2021.

Next-gen firmware generation

A Builder Base is packed with the capability to be more than 100 different smart things. It could be a motion sensor, IMU, button, temperature sensor, motors, servos, LED’s, and so much more. Easily create and upload your own custom firmware or choose pre-made firmware to suit your needs.

No more write, compile, retry!

An extensive and growing library of ready-to-use Objects that will give you the ninja abilities of a professional engineer. With the power of drag-and-drop ease, creating your own apps is so easy even your grandma can do it!


Learning is easy!

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IoT evolved

Quantum solves problems!


Level up!

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The versatility and flexibility built into the Quantum IoT platform allows you to grow your skills and expand your project horizons. Have a look at some of our project ideas to see what you can achieve.

DIY Kits

We are currently developing PCB based project kits and will make them available to purchase on our website soon. Meanwhile, we made the project files already available to download for free on our website.

Connect. Build. Play

Save time and make smarter!

If you're an electronics hobbyist or enthusiast with a passion for wireless things, you'll love the Quantum Platform!


Congrats on a well-executed campaign! Received mine yesterday. Haven't had a ton of time to play with it yet, but initial impressions of the web interface was that it's well-polished system that looks pretty powerful yet easy to use.

John A. / Kickstarter Backer

My reward just arrived. Nice packaging. Professional / commercial build quality. Included instructions look easy to follow... I'm impressed with the quality, and the professionalism of Quantum Integrate team.

Paul C. / Kickstarter Backer

I received my pledge in Texas today. Thank you for a super campaign and great product.

Aaron A. / Kickstarter Backer