We are pleased to announce that our Kickstarter campaign ended successfully! Thanks to all our backers for your support. We can't wait to get our platform in your hands so that you can experience the power of making!

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Includes one Q-Server Central Core and two Q-Client Builder Bases.

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Starter Bundle

Providing you the versatile power of multi-location projects to further enhance your skills, easily and affordably. Follow our video tutorials and leverage predefined apps and firmware to gain fast working knowledge of our projects.

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Q-Server | Central Core

Offers complete control over your entire IoT Platform. Designed for novices and experts alike, anyone can build a powerful IoT network controlling anything from home automation to robots.

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Q-Client | Builder Base

The easiest way to build custom IoT devices. As part of the Quantum IoT platform, electronics enthusiasts can add virtually any sensor or device to the network.

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Take your ideas from the breadboard to the real world!

Quantum Integration provides a complete IoT platform enabling you to build sophisticated and purposeful projects that will make you feel like a ninja! Through a self-discovering network, connecting and integrating dozens of devices and smart-things has never been easier! Develop your own custom automations, firmware and apps through our integrated development environment for the ultimate in control!

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If you're an electronics hobbyist or enthusiast with a passion for wireless things, you'll love the Quantum Platform!