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This is a compilation of all the Quantum hardware and software  information, basic technical inquiries, and shipping and billing info. If you can't find your answers here, please get in touch at suppport@quantumintegrate.com or visit the Quantum Community. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We're here to help!

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

We are currently shipping across the USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Since we are based in the US, shipping nationwide is usually between 3-7 days, and for international shipping, usually between 7-14 days including customs. However, because of the global Covid-19 situation these timeframes are not always guaranteed.

The weight of our product bundles do add and we do apologise for the sometimes high shipping costs which at the moment are also effected by the global Covid-19 situation. We are working hard at improving shipping costs where we can.

You can return your product in the original undamaged packaging to our office address.

General Questions

The system uses AES and your data is additionally secured by your unique PIN code and system specific identifiers. Our cloud Infrastructure is using HTTPS and best practice security architecture, which enables us to roll out OTA updates to the system.

Yes. You will only need an internet connection if you want to use external platforms or when you update the purpose of your Q-Client Builder Base.

The bluetooth range varies indoors and outdoors. Indoors you’ll get about 32 feet and Outdoors twice as much.

The Q-Server is Wifi & Bluetooth only and currently does not support LAN connectivity.

Not at all. Our platform is much more focused towards hardware integration. On top of that we deliver firmware generation for our microcontroller, which makes this system much more accessible to a broader audience.

Not at this time. If you want to use the Q-Client Builder Base in battery mode you will need to purchase a CR2032 coin cell battery. The Q-Client Builder Base includes a USB cable for power. We also offer a 5V Power Supply Kit ready for download on our website if you want to power your projects with a 9V Battery.

The great thing about our Q-Client Builder Bases is that you are able to reuse it for multiple projects by just uploading different firmware onto it. However, if you plan to create more complex projects such as our security system or HVAC project for example, you will you will need more than two Builder Bases.

We support Phillips Hue (lighting), Samsung SmartThings (IoT platform), IKEA Tradfri (lighting) and plan to add more Gateways through OTA software updates in the future.

We support Infrared (IR DB), Twilio (SMS) and plan to add more Services through OTA software updates in the future.

We currently offer support for over 60 components and the list will grow with upcoming Q-Cloud Firmware Generator updates. You can find more detailed information in our Hardware reference at; Hardware Reference

We currently offer close to 100 Objects and the list will continue to grow with upcoming OTA software updates. We have 4 major Object categories: Hardware (let’s you talk to specific hardware devices), Interface (create’s a control element on the dashboard of an app), Code (logic gates, calculation, conversions, data storage and more), Service (Infrared and Twilio). You can find more information in our Object reference at; Object Reference

Absolutely. You can read the full product warranty policy on our website at; https://quantumintegrate.com/pages/product-warranty