Build Your World – Beyond Custom

The Q-Client Builder Base is the easiest way to build custom IoT devices. With supported and tested libraries it eliminates the painful tasks of DIY electronics projects because you don’t have to write a single line of code.

Have fun focussing and customizing your project instead of fixing issues. Newbies and Ninjas alike can now create smart IoT networks.

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Be the one-click-engineer.

Ever wanted to click one magical button and see everything you imagined happen in front of your eyes? The Quantum platform does exactly that. Define what kind of hardware you are connecting to your Q-Client Builder Base and click “Upload”. That’s it!

True wireless. Even on battery.

Wireless applications can only be improved by making sure they can run from a battery. The Q-Client Builder Base does exactly that. Choose from normal energy, low energy, or even ultra-low energy mode which enables your Builder Base to last from weeks to months on a single charge! The Firmware Generator supports you along the way to understand what energy modes are available for which connected hardware. Simple and smart!

Meaningful Connections.

Tiny, inexpensive off the shelf sensors or actuators don’t need to be irrelevant and limited if you talk to them correctly. The Q-Client Builder Base connects them to a meaningful project, a third party, or even the internet. Creating meaningful purpose around a collection of sensors and actuators is the power of the Quantum platform.

The C3PO of Electronics.

Each Q-Client Builder Base comes with a versatile set of I/O pins that let you connect various sensors and actuators. Considering the amount of supported drivers and protocols available, the Builder Base is undoubtedly the C3PO of electronics.

Lead your forces.

Each Q-Client Builder Base can already do so many things on it’s own. Just imagine if you have an army of Builder Bases working for you and connecting all of your electronics projects. This is exactly what Builder Bases are made for. Use them right next to each other or far apart. No matter what you come up with, you can scale the number of Builder Bases dynamically to your project needs. Quantum currently allows 5 concurrent builder base connections. Extension will be coming soon.

Connect. Screw. Upload.

Ever got frustrated with flakey connections and moving PCB’s on your desk? Rubber feet, translucent removable case and dependable screw terminals make sure everything stays were it belongs, letting you focus on what you want to make. And did we mention that you only have to click the “Upload” button to make the software work? It’s that easy!

Your project. Your choice.

As maker’s ourselves we know that the time from idea to implementation is critical. This is why we made sure that our Q-Client Builder Bases can adjust their functionality in minutes and are ready to serve you as quickly and dependably as possible in your next project.


Perfect projects for you

Our inspiring team of makers have just scratched the surface with these showcase projects. What will you make? A weather-station, TV IR remote, lighting controls, smart outlets, robotics, games or a remote controlled car. The possibilities are endless.

Q-Client Builder Base Questions

  • What is the Bluetooth range?

    The bluetooth range varies indoors and outdoors. Indoors you’ll get about 32 feet and Outdoors twice as much.

  • Does the Q-Client Builder Base come with a battery?

    Not at this time. If you want to use the Q-Client Builder Base in battery mode you will need to purchase a CR2032 coin cell battery. The Q-Client Builder Base includes a USB cable for power. We also offer a 5V Power Supply Kit ready for download on our website if you want to power your projects with a 9V Battery.

  • Which hardware components/ drivers are supported and compatible with the Q-Client Builder Base?

    We currently offer support for over 60 components and the list will grow with upcoming Q-Cloud Firmware Generator updates. You can find more detailed information in our Hardware reference

  • What are the limitations of hardware quantity or software firmware sizes?

    The limitation is related to Bluetooth implementation we are currently using. We are working on an additional device that will address range and quantity issues. Generally speaking, the firmware size that is being uploaded to the Q-Clients is fairly small, however we have some restrictions in place to make sure that the firmware you are defining for your Q-Client is working properly and is not overusing the hardware capabilities of the Q-Client. Please feel free to get in touch with our technical support team if you would like specific data or a list of possible combinations and limitations.

  • If the Starter Bundle already comes with 2 Builder Bases, why would I ever need to purchase additional Builder Bases?

    The great thing about our Q-Client Builder Bases is that you are able to reuse it for multiple projects by just uploading different firmware onto it. However, if you plan to create more complex projects such as our security system or HVAC project for example, you will you will need more than two Builder Bases.

  • How many Q-Clients Builder Bases can connect to one Q-Server?

    Currently five Q-Clients can connect to one Q-Server.

  • Where is the firmware for the Q-Client stored?

    The firmware definition is configured by you and is stored on your Q-Server. Once you decide to upload firmware to your Q-Client, we transmit your firmware definition to our cloud generator. The generator is sending back a secured encrypted firmware file that is then uploaded and stored on your Q-Client. You don’t need an internet connection to use your Q-Server, but if you want to change the firmware of your Q-Client you will have to be connected to the internet.

  • Do you offer a product warranty?

    Absolutely. You can read the full product warranty policy for more info