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Component Kit

3… 2… 1… Click!

The curiosity of pushing a button and the enjoyment of seeing something happen is indescribable. With the Quantum Component Kit you get to choose which input you are using for your next DIY electronics project. Whether you are building a music volume control, memory-game or joystick, with the Quantum platform you always have the choice to decide which hardware and interface you want to use for your project.

Security System Project

Type. Show. Blink.

Ever wondered how those expensive security systems work? Now you can combine multiple pieces of the Component Kit and build your own. Connect a keypad and LCD display to enter a code, then finish off the process by indicating the result on a smart LED. With the Quantum platform you can combine inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware and create something new and awesome in minutes.
Joystick and Mecanum Car

Move. Spin. Turn.

What have RC cars, window shades and a cat toy have in common? They all use some sort of motor. Whether it be a servo, stepper motor, or DC motor, the Quantum platform has you covered and can even support more powerful motors for your next project. Did we mention that you can also easily connect a joystick? This is what makes Quantum so powerful.

Sense. Feel. Emit.

Wirelessly turn on that sexy but useless $400 IR fan in your room when it gets too hot! With the Quantum platform and this Component Kit you can do exactly that. Use the included temperature sensor and IR emitter to give your expensive toy some purpose. That way you keep yourself and your room cool - automagically.
A smartphone controlling an IR fan through the Quantum Dashboard

The Component Kit. A Perfect Companion!